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 Volume 1, No. 1, 1982

jnv1p1Baryte and other minerals from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. P.K. Monk.

Metal mines of the British Isles No.1 – Dylife (Powys). N.J.M. Moreton.

A new occurrence of scarbroite in Britain. [Weston Favell, Northamptonshire.] R.J. King.

A new find of nickeloan hydrozincite in the Parc mine, North Wales. R.E. Bevins, P. O’Brien, S. Turgoose, P.A. Williams.

The content of rare earth elements in English fluorites: a preliminary study. R.A. Howie, E. Pegram, J.N. Walsh.

The mineralogy of Fall Hill quarry, Ashover, Derbyshire. M.E. Smith.

An occurrence of nickel minerals in the Hilton mine, Scordale, Cumbria. T.F. Bridges.

First British occurrence of cuméngeite. [Newporth beach, Cornwall.] A.C. Dean.

The care of minerals. 1. The cleaning of minerals. R.J. King.

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Volume 1, No. 2, 1983

jnv1p2Phosgenite and matlockite in Derbyshire (Part 1). T. Bridges, M.E. Smith.

On the occurrence of millerite at Ecton Hill, Staffordshire. R.E. Starkey.

A new locality for phosgenite. [Newporth beach, Cornwall.] A.C. Dean.

Secondary silica in flint. P.K. Monk.

A new occurrence of aurichalcite and hemimorphite from Cornwall. [Greystone quarry.] D. Lloyd, R.W. Barstow.

A new locality for wulfenite on the Mendips. [Batts Combe quarry.] N.J. Eastwood.

The occurrence of galena in Leicestershire. R.J. King.

An occurrence of wulfenite, anglesite and native sulphur in the opencast above Ball Eye quarry, Cromford, Derbyshire. T.F. Bridges.

Keeping radioactive minerals: some practical advice. R.P. Hicks.

The care of minerals. 2. The development of minerals. R.J. King.

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Volume 1, No. 3, 1985

jnv1p3A first occurrence of laumontite in Wales. [Llanelwedd quarry, Builth Wells.] R.E. Bevins, J.M. Horák.

Langite and posnjakite from the Lake District. [Paddy End mine, Coniston; Spothow Gill, Eskdale.] B. Young, E.W. Johnson.

Pyromorphite in the Northern Pennines. B. Young.

Siegenite in the clay-ironstone nodules from the South Wales Coalfield. R.E. Bevins, J.M. Horák.

A microcomputer based mineral identification package. L.R. Barton, A.V. Bromley.

Thenardite (Na2SO4), a mineral new to Britain, from Sussex and Cumbria. [Mountfield mine; Kirkby Thore.] B.R. Young, B. Young, A.T. Raine.

The care of minerals. 3A. The curation of minerals. R.J. King.

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Volume 1, No. 4, 1986

jnv1p4The mines and minerals of Newent, Gloucestershire. D.E. Bick.

Cyanotrichite from Cornwall. [Mulberry Openwork, Lanivet.] R.E. Starkey.

An occurrence of carbonate-cyanotrichite from Devon. [New East Wheal Russell.] R.E. Starkey.

Devilline and other minerals from Wheal Friendship, Mary Tavy, Devon, U.K. M.F. Brooke.

A new British locality for beudantite: Clevedon, Avon. R.E. Starkey.

The first British occurrence of cyrilovite and a second British locality for chalcosiderite. [Gunheath pit, Cornwall.] F. Ince.

The care of minerals. 3B. The curation of minerals (contd). R.J. King.

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Volume 2, No. 1, 1988

jnv2p1Strontianite from near Yate (Avon). J. Faithfull.

Millerite from the Cumbrian coalfield. [Oughterside, Aspatria.] B. Young, P.H.A. Nancarrow.

Alumohydrocalcite from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and Weston Favell, Northamptonshire. G. Ryback.

Copper(II) phosphate minerals from the Miguel Vacas mine, Alentejo, Portugal. M.C.F. Magalhães, J.D. Pedrosa de Jesus, P.A. Williams.

Rosasite from Bute quarry, Mid Glamorgan. The first reported occurrence in Wales. C.J.N. Fletcher, B.R. Young.

Coffinite from Gipsy Lane brickpit, Leicester. J.W. Faithfull, N. Hubbard.

Retgersite, NiSO4.6H2O: a new British occurrence from Warwickshire. [Newdigate colliery.] D.R.G. Walker.

Conference report: “Mineralogy and Museums”, London, July 1988. R.E. Starkey.

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Volume 2, No. 2, 1989

jnv2p2Barium feldspar rocks from Broken Hill, New South Wales. I. Plimer.

Alumohydrocalcite from the Bristol district. C. Alabaster.

The secondary mineralogy of the Clyde Plateau Lavas, Scotland. Part 1: Boyleston quarry. T.K. Meikle.

The secondary mineralogy of the Clyde Plateau Lavas, Scotland. Part 2: Loanhead quarry. T.K. Meikle.

Carbonatian connellite, a new variety, from the Britannia mine, North Wales, and from the Botallack mine, Cornwall. A.M. Pollard, R.G. Thomas, P.A. Williams, R.E. Bevins, S. Turgoose.

The Wesley mine: a further occurrence of manganese oxide-hosted lead oxychloride minerals in the Bristol district. C. Alabaster.

Birnessite from Penberthy Croft mine, Cornwall – a second English occurrence. J. Betterton.

Native silver from Red Gill mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. M. Wirth.

Rosasite from West Pasture mine, Weardale, Co. Durham. B. Young, J.G. Francis.

British Mineral and Gem Show, London, 1989. R.E. Starkey.

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Volume 3, No. 1, 1990

jnv3p1Alstonite and barytocalcite from Llantrisant, South Wales, and barytocalcite from Holwell, Mendip Hills, England. C. Alabaster.

Identification of minerals using X-ray diffraction. [Review.] A. Livingstone, R.G. Thomas, P.A. Williams.

Chromian minerals in microdiorite from the English Lake District. [Scawgill Bridge.] N.J. Fortey, P.H.A. Nancarrow.

Schulenbergite and namuwite from Smallcleugh mine, Nenthead, Cumbria. A. Livingstone, T.F. Bridges, R.E. Bevins.

Supergene minerals from Low Pike, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. B. Young, M.P. Cooper, P.H.A. Nancarrow, D.I. Green.

Hausmannite from west Cumbria. [Wyndham Pit.] B. Young, P.H.A. Nancarrow.

Bertrandite from the Pass of Ballater, Grampian Region, Scotland. R.E. Starkey.

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Volume 3, No. 2, 1990

jnv3p2The secondary mineralogy of the Clyde Plateau Lavas, Scotland. Part 3. Hartfield Moss. T.K. Meikle.

New occurrences of secondary aluminium minerals from the Bristol district. C. Alabaster.

Matthew Forster Heddle (1828-1897), famous Scottish mineralogist. A. Livingstone.

Aleksite, a lead bismuth sulfotelluride: a second world occurrence from the Dolgellau Gold Belt, Gwynedd, Wales. R.E. Bevins, C.J. Stanley.

Infrared spectroscopy as a technique for the investigation of minerals. [Review.] R.S.W. Braithwaite.

An occurrence of djurleite at West Caradon mine, Cornwall. J.A. Lawrence.

Cinnabar from Machen quarry, Machen, South Wales. T.F. Bridges.

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Volume 4, No. 1, 1991

jnv4p1Arthur Edward Ian Montagu Russell [1878-1964]. A.D. Hart, R.F. Symes.

Russellite from Buckbarrow Beck, Cumbria, England. B. Young, N.J. Fortey, P.H.A. Nancarrow.

Lead-molybdenum mineralization in an ancient cave in north Leicestershire. [Breedon quarry] R.J. King.

The zinc analogue of ktenasite from Smallcleugh and Brownley Hill mines, Nenthead, Cumbria. A. Livingstone.

Stannite revisited. [Review.] D.H.M. Alderton.

The mineralogy of Wapping mine, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. F. Ince.

Phosgenite, the first Welsh occurrence. [Penrhyn Du mine, Abersoch.] N. Hubbard.

Strontianite from Brownley Hill mine, Nenthead, Cumbria. M. Wood.

Secondary copper minerals from the Knockmahon area, County Waterford, Republic of Ireland. S. Moreton.

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Volume 4, No. 2, 1992

jnv4p2Supergene copper mineral assemblages at Botallack, St Just, Cornwall. R.J. Bowell.

The composition of stolzite from Wanlockhead and wulfenite from various Scottish localities. A. Livingstone.

An unusual occurrence of mottramite from Peldar Tor, Leicestershire. J.W. Faithfull, F. Ince.

Connellite from Colvend, Kirkcudbrightshire, and brochantite from Auchencat Burn, Dumfriesshire. S. Moreton, P. Aspen.

Barium-pharmacosiderite and symplesite from Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. B. Young, E. Hyslop, D. Millward.

Cuprosklodowskite from Geevor mine, Cornwall. N.J. Elton, J.J. Hooper, L. Coggon.

Growth of acanthite on native silver from the Clyde Plateau Lavas, Scotland. T.K. Meikle.

Conference report: “Conserving Britain’s Mineralogical Heritage”, Manchester, April 1992. R.E. Starkey.

Conference report: “Collecting minerals”, Loughborough, April 1992. R.J. King.

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Volume 5, No. 1, 1993

jnv5p1The story of a mineral collection (Part 1). The late R.D.S. Shrimpton.

Origin of the leadhillite polymorphs. A. Livingstone.

The occurrence of sphalerite in Leicestershire, England. R.J. King.

Lead-zinc-copper-arsenic-baryte mineralization from Clevedon, near Bristol, England. R.A. Ixer, R.A.D. Pattrick, R.E. Starkey.

Botallackite from Dooneen mine, Allihies, County Cork, Republic of Ireland. S. Moreton, P. Aspen.

Cinnabar from Stancombe quarry, near Bristol, England. N. Zachariades.

Conserving Britain’s Mineralogical Heritage: Introduction. R.E. Bevins.

The mineral collector as a conservationist – the right to collect? B. Young.

Mineral collectors – friend or foe? R.E. Starkey.

Abandoned metal mines: a unique mineralogical and microbiological resource.D.A. Jenkins, D.B. Johnson.

The botanical interest of mine spoil heaps – the lichen story. O.W. Purvis.

Cwmystwyth, Wales: 3500 years of mining history – some problems of conservation and recording. S. Timberlake.

Resolving conflicts: reclamation and management options. J.P. Palmer.

Greening the environment and access to mineralogical sites: conflicts and opportunities. B.R. Marker.

Mineralogical conservation in Great Britain – the governmental conservation agency approach. D.A. O’Halloran, T. Moat, R.E. Mathews, A.P. McKirdy.

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Volume 5, No. 2, 1994

jnv5p2The story of a mineral collection (Part 2). The late R.D.S. Shrimpton.

John Henry Vivian (1785-1855): the probable eponym of vivianite. P.G. Embrey.

Native silver from Hilderston mine, West Lothian, Scotland. T.K. Meikle.

Mineralogy of Alderley Edge – Mottram St Andrew area, Cheshire, England. R.S.W. Braithwaite.

Fluorite at Hampstead Farm quarry, Chipping Sodbury, Avon: a new British occurrence. M.F. Brooke.

An unusual occurrence of arsenate minerals at Gwaith-yr-Afon mine, Dyfed, Wales. S.A. Rust, J.S. Mason.

Tyuyamunite from St Just, Cornwall, England. [Wheal Owles.] N.J. Elton, J.J. Hooper.

Barytocalcite and witherite from Rorrington Mine, Chirbury, Salop [Shropshire], England. R.E. Starkey, N. Hubbard, B. Young.

Witherite from Scaleburn vein, Nenthead, Cumbria, England. R. Bunting.

Vivianite from South Humberside and Yorkshire, England. M.E. Smith.

Leadhillite from the northern Pennine orefield, England. B. Young, T.F. Bridges, E.K. Hyslop.

Cinnabar from the Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England. [Potts Gill & Dry Gill mines.] T.Neall, M. Leppington.

Analyses of calcian phosphatian vanadinite, and apatite high in lead, from Wanlockhead, Scotland. A. Livingstone.

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Volume 6, No. 1, 1995

jnv6p1Electron microprobe techniques in mineral analysis. [Review.] C.T. Williams, J. Spratt.

Early development of mineralogy in Edinburgh, Scotland. A. Livingstone.

Supergene U-Pb-Cu mineralisation at Loe Warren, St Just, Cornwall, England. N.J. Elton, J.J. Hooper.

Silica-rich edingtonite and associated minerals from Loanhead quarry, Beith, Strathclyde – a new Scottish locality. T.K. Meikle, J.G. Todd.

Minerals of Machen quarry, Mid Glamorgan, Wales. S.P. Plant, I.E. Jones.

Stalactitic galena from Lamb Bottom, Mendip Hills, Somerset, England. S. Cowdry.

Sulphide, sulphate, phosphate and carbonate mineral assemblages in the Oxford Clay, Cassington-Yarnton area, Oxfordshire, England. F.B. Atkins.

Wulfenite from Cornwall, England. [Wheal Golden, Perranzabuloe; Wheal Mary Ann, Menheniot.] M.G.H. Merry, R.S.W. Braithwaite.

Wulfenite: a new find in Derbyshire, England. [Crich quarry.] J.I. Wilson, M.J. Colledge, R.S.W. Braithwaite.

Well-crystallised fraipontite from Machen quarry, Mid Glamorgan: a first Welsh locality. J. Goulding, M.T. Price.

Bavenite from Shap granite quarry, Cumbria, England. M.M. Wirth.

Beyerite, (Ca,Pb)(BiO)2(CO3)2, a mineral new to the British Isles, from Cumbria, England. R.S.W. Braithwaite, G. Ryback.

Troilite from Glenelg, Highland Region, Scotland: the first British Isles occurrence. P. Davidson.

Rutheniridosmine from the Ochil Hills, Scotland: the first British Isles occurrence. P. Davidson.

Definition of a mineral. E.H. Nickel.

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Volume 6, No. 2, 1996

jnv6p2Fluid inclusions: analysis and applications. [Review.] J. Naden.

Mineralogy of Snelston mine, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England. P.S. Jackman.

Calcian goyazite and florencite-(Ce) from Gunheath china clay pit, St Austell, Cornwall. N.J. Elton, M.J.E. Grigg.

Epistilbite from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. [Sgùrr nam Boc & Talisker.] D.I. Green, M. Wood.

Zeolite occurrences in basaltic dykes on the Western Isles of Scotland. A. Dyer, O. Wilson, C.D. Williams, J. Smethurst.

Romanesque and Gothic wall paintings in Winchester Cathedral: an unusual use and alteration of vivianite. H. Howard.

Coronadite from the Northern Pennine Orefield, England. [Sedling vein, Weardale.] B. Young, E.K. Hyslop, R.A. Fairbairn.

A further occurrence of widenmannite in Cornwall, England. [North Zawn, St Just.] N.J. Elton, J.J. Hooper.

Diaboleite from Gunver Head, Cornwall, England. R.S.W. Braithwaite, M.G.H. Merry.

Talmessite, with rauenthalite or phaunouxite, from Ivy Tor mine, Devon, England. R.S.W. Braithwaite, M.G.H. Merry, B. Jackson.

Stalactitic galena in the Mendip Hills, Somerset: another 17th century reference. S. Cowdry.

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Volume 7, No. 1 1998

jnv7p1Supergene minerals of the Northern Pennine Orefield – A review. T.F. Bridges, B. Young.

Barbosalite, frondelite and other phosphates from Gunheath china clay pit, St Austell, Cornwall, England. N.J. Elton.

Sector phosphorescent gypsum (selenite) crystals from Mepal Bridge, Cambridgeshire, England. B.A. Grguric.

The silver and cobalt mineralisation near Alva, Central Region, Scotland. S. Moreton, P. Aspen, D.I. Green, S.M. Ingram.

Harmotome from Brownley Hill mine, Nenthead, Cumbria, England. D.I. Green, J.R. Nudds.

Valentinite from the Isle of Man. R.E. Starkey.

Antimonian claudetite from Wet Swine Gill, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England. C.M. Leppington, D.I. Green.

Atacamite, botallackite and cumengeite from Abersoch, Gwynedd, Wales. I. Dossett, D.I. Green.

Anilite, with botallackite and clinoatacamite, from Castletown mine, Lochgilphead, Scotland. R.E. Starkey, N. Hubbard.

Thaumasite from High Sedling mine, Weardale, County Durham, and from Shap, Cumbria, England. B. Young, E.K. Hyslop, T.F. Bridges, N. Hubbard.

Enargite group minerals from Scaleber Bridge, North Yorkshire, England. R.A. Ixer, C.J. Stanley.

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Volume 7, No. 2, 2001

jnv7p2A.W.G. Kingsbury’s specimens of British Minerals. Part 1: Some examples of falsified localities. G. Ryback, A.D. Hart and C.J. Stanley.

Mica quarrying and processing in Scotland during the Second World War. R.P. McIntosh.

Copper mineralisation in the Permian Magnesian Limestone at Raisby, Coxhoe, County Durham, England. B. Young.

Wavellite and variscite on Gower, Swansea, South Wales. S.P. Plant and I.E. Jones.

Gismondine-Ba, a zeolite from the weathering of slag. R.S.W. Braithwaite, A. Dyer, R.P.H. Lamb and J.I. Wilson.

Ramsbeckite with schulenbergite from Cornwall and Cumbria, England. D.I. Green, J. Betterton, R. Bell and T. Neall.

Millerite and associated minerals from Brixham, Devon, England. R.S.W. Braithwaite and J.I. Wilson.

Rosiaite from Bwlch mine, Deganwy, Conwy, Wales. G. Ryback and J.G. Francis.

Natrolite from Calton Hill, Derbyshire, England. A. Dyer, O.M. Wilson and B. Young.

Milarite from Shap granite quarry, Cumbria, England, with a discussion of milarite occurrences in Cornwall and Devon. M.M. Wirth, D.I. Green and G. Ryback.

Raspite from Carrock mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England: a first British occurrence. T. Neall and D.I. Green.

Parasymplesite, a mineral new to Britain, from Wet Swine Gill, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England. T. Neall and D.I. Green.

Vesignieite from Castletown mine, Lochgilphead, Argyll and Bute, a first Scottish occurrence. N. Hubbard and D.I. Green.

Otavite from Bishopton, Renfrewshire, Scotland. J. Faithfull and N. Hubbard.

Botallackite, including good crystals, from Ireland. R.S.W. Braithwaite and J.I. Wilson.

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Volume 8, No. 1, 2003

jnv8p1The manganese iron mineralisation of Burdell Gill, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England. C.M. Leppington and T. Neall.

Secondary mineralisation from the Cwmavon Valley copper smelting slags, Glamorgan, South Wales. S. Plant.

Symplesite and parasymplesite from Cumbria and Cornwall, England. D.I. Green, T. Neall, T.F. Cotterell and C.M. Leppington.

Tennantite and tyrolite from the Coed Y Brenin Forest, North Wales. R. Armstrong, R.J. Herrington and M.A. Savage.

The secondary mineralisation of the Clyde Plateau lavas, Scotland, Part 4, Reilly quarry. The late T. Kemp Meikle.

Zeolites and related minerals from Orrock quarry, Fife, Scotland. M.M. Wirth.

Calcium analcime from The Totherick, Ayrshire, Scotland: An unusual crystal form with trapezoidal faces. A. Dyer, R. Waughman and C. Williams.

Cacoxenite and crandallite from Pwlldu beach, Bishopton, Gower, Swansea, South Wales: The first Welsh occurence. A. Dean and T.F. Cotterell.

Brianyoungite from Elgar mine and Frongoch mine, Ceredigion, Wales. T.F. Cotterell, J.S. Mason and D.I. Green.

Well formed crystals of erythrite with mercurian silver, lavendulan and other minerals from Gortdrum mine, tipperary, Ireland. R.S.W. Braithwaite and J.I. Wilson.

Cottunite from the beach at Clevedon, Avon, England. T. Bridges.

Epimorphs of quartz after fluorite from the Rampgill and Coalcleugh mine system, Nenthead, Cumbria, England. T.F. Bridges and H. Wilkinson.

Gearksutite from the Old Gang mines Swaledale, North Yorkshire, England. D.I. Green.

Gartrellite, a mineral new to Britain, from Low Pike, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England. D.I. Green, T. Neall and C.M. Leppington.

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Volume 8, No. 2, 2005

jnv8p2The mineralogy of Newhurst quarry, Shepshed, Leicestershire. Frank Ince.

The occurrence and formation of galena in supergene environments. David I. Green, Trevor F. Bridges and Tim Neall.

Mud-filled fluorite vugs in Greenlaws mine, Weardale, Co. Durham. Stephen Moreton.

Gearksutite, a second British occurrence, from the Ball Eye opencast, Cromford, Derbyshire. Trevor F. Bridges and David I. Green.

Phosphate minerals including koninckite and planerite from Grouse Lodge quarry, Shanagolden, Co. Limerick. Stephen Moreton and David I. Green.

A review of the occurrence of antlerite in the British Isles. Trevor F. Bridges, David I. Green and Michael S. Rumsey.

A review of the supergene mineralization at Silver Gill, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. David I. Green, Trevor F. Bridges, Michael P. Cooper and Norman Thomson.

Carbonate-fluorapatite from the Westphalian coal measures of South Wales, U.K. Stephen Plant and David Evans.

The composition of fülöppite from Wet Swine Gill, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. David I. Green, Tim Neall and Andy G. Tindle.

Columbite from Chywoon quarry in the Carnmenellis Granite, Cornwall. David Moulding and Andy G. Tindle.

Cotunnite from Penrhyn Du Mine, Gwynedd, Wales. Neil Hubbard and David I. Green.

An update of the supergene mineralogy of Hilton mine, Scordale, Cumbria. Trevor F. Bridges and David I. Green.

Kegelite, a first British occurrence, from Wanlockhead, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Tim Nealll and David I. Green.

Epimorphs of quartz after fluorite from Rampgill, Coalcleugh and Barneycraig mine system, Nenthead, Cumbria, England – an update. Trevor F. Bridges and Helen Wilkinson.

A tin-lead alloy found in a zeolitic amygdale at Carsaig Bay on the Hebridean Isle of Mull. Alan Dyer, David I. Green, Beryl Taylor and Craig D. Williams.

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Volume 9, 2006

jnv9The first British occurrence of köttigite, from Hilton Mine, Scordale, Cumbria. Trevor F. Bridges and David I. Green.

A review of the mineralisation at Driggith and Sandbed Mines, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. David I. Green, Michael S. Rumsey, Trevor F. Bridges, Andrew G. Tindle and Rob A. Ixer.

A review of the mineralogy of Brae Fell Mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria.Trevor F. Bridges, David I. Green and Michael S. Rumsey.

Supergene mineralisation at Arm O’Grain, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. David I. Green, Andrew G. Tindle, Trevor F. Bridges and Tim Neall.

Heavy metals and their weathering products in residues from Castleside Smelting Mill, County Durham, including a new slag mineral, copper antimonite. Richard S.W. Braithwaite, Richard P.H. Lamb and Arthur L. Nattrass.

Secondary species associated with weathering of industrial residues at Tindale Fell Spelter Works, Cumbria. Richard S.W. Braithwaite, Richard P.H. Lamb and Arthur L. Nattrass

Hydronium jarosite from Brynycastell Mine, Dolgellau, Gwynedd, Wales. Tom F. Cotterell

Clinoptilolite and heulandite from Wheal Hazard, St Just, Cornwall. Alan Dyer, David I. Green, Andrew G. Tindle and Craig D. Williams.

Baryte replacement by barium carbonate minerals. Trevor F. Bridges and David I. Green.

Scotlandite in the British Isles: Its occurrence, morphology and paragenesis. Tim Neall, David I. Green and Trevor F. Bridges.

A zeolite-bearing skarn at Barnahallia, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland. Stephen Moreton and David I. Green.

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Volume 10, 2007

jnv10Zoned oxidation deposits in Tynebottom Mine, Garrigill, Cumbria. Trevor F. Bridges and David I. Green.

Copper-bearing silica gel from the walls of the Tankardstown mine, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Stephen Moreton.

Geology and mineralogy of Pike Law Mines, Newbiggin, Teesdale, Co. Durham. Trevor F Bridges and Brian Young.

The mineralogy of Bardon Hill Quarry, Coalville, Leicestershire. Francis Ince.

Edingtonite, harmotome and other vein minerals at the Conlig-Whitespots Lead Mines, County Down, Northern Ireland. Norman R. Moles.

Buttgenbachite from Cornwall: a single-crystal X-ray study. Peter Leverett, Peter A. Williams and David E. Hibbs.

Childrenite from the English Lake District. Richard S. W. Braithwaite and Richard P.H. Lamb.

An unusual fluorescent fluorite from Derbyshire. Richard S. W Braithwaite and J. Ike Wilson.

Powellite from Benallt mine, Lleyn Peninsula, Gwynedd: a first Welsh occurrence. Ian Dossett, David L Green and Tom F. Cotterell.

Cesarolite from Frongoch Mine, Devil’s Bridge, Ceredigion, Wales. Tom F Cotterell.

Corkite and hinsdalite from Frongoch Mine, Devil’s Bridge, Ceredigion, Wales, including evidence to suggest that orpheite is a variety of hinsdalite. Tom F Cotterell and Peter K Todhunter.

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Volume 11, 2008

jnv11A review of the mineralogy of the Roughton Gill Mines, Caldbeck Fells,Cumbria: Part 2 The Roughton Gill South Vein on Balliway Rigg. David Green, Trevor Bridges, Michael Rumsey Mike Leppington & Andrew Tindle.

A review of the mineralisation at Red Gill Mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England. Trevor Bridges, David Green, Michael Rumsey & Mike Leppington.

Baryte formation in supergene environments in the Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. Trevor Bridges & David Green.

The first British occurrence of kombatite, Pb14[(VO4)2O9Cl 4], from the “Wesley Mine” near Westbury on Trym, Bristol. Michael Rumsey.

A review of the occurrences of the copper vanadate materials volborthite and tangeite in the British Isles. David Green, Neil Hubbard & Francis Ince.

Ranciéite from Mynydd Parys, Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales. Tom Cotterell & David Jenkins.

Extracts from `Minerals of the Glamorgan coast: Barry Island and adjacent areas’. Lynda Garfield & David Wellings.

The minerals of Moneen Quarry, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Stephen Moreton.

Barium zeolites and calcioancylite-(Ce) from Guisachan Quarry, Tomich, Highland, Scotland. Neil Hubbard, David Green & Andy Tindle.

Heulandite-Sr and heulandite-Ba, two zeolite group minerals new to Britain from Whitesmith Mine, Strontian Highland Region, Scotland. David Green, Andrew Tindle, Neil Hubbard, David McCallum & Brian Jackson

Scolecite from Cornwall, the first occurrences in England. Oneta Wilson, Alan Dyer, Vincent Holyer & Craig Williams.

Stolzite from Penberthy Croft Mine, St Hilary, Cornwall. David Moulding, Jeremy Hooper & David Green.

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Volume 12, 2009

jnv12The distribution and composition of adamite and zincolivenite in Britain and Ireland. Richard S.W. Braithwaite, David I. Green and Andrew G. Tindle.

Zincolivenite from the Penberthy Croft Mine, Cornwall. Jens C. Ø. Andersen and David Moulding.

The composition of volborthite from Newhurst Quarry, Leicestershire. Andrew G. Tindle and David I. Green.

Mineralogical fraud – an appraisal of an unpublished manuscript by A.W.G. Kingsbury. Trevor F. Bridges.

A review of the mineralisation at Ingray Gill, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. David I. Green, Michael S. Rumsey, Trevor F. Bridges and Norman Thomson.

The mineralogy of Short Grain Low Level, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. Tim Neall and David I. Green.

“Lady’s slippers” and a specimen of pyrite collected by Sir Kingsley Dunham from “Nentsbury Mine”, Nenthead, Cumbria. Trevor F. Bridges.

Acicular baryte in the Cavanacaw Gold Mine, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. James A.S. McFarlane, Norman R. Moles and David I. Green.

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Volume 13, 2010

jnv13The minerals of the Mendip Hills and their relationships. R. Turner and M.S. Rumsey.

This paper has a 2 page A3 fold out list of the minerals that occur in the Mendip manganese deposits, showing the suite to which they belong, and the localities where they have been found and a ‘relationship map’ describing the minerals of the Mendip manganese deposits. This must be downloaded separately (link below).

Hübnerite in Alpine-type fissure veinlets in the Cambrian manganese ore bed, Harlech, Wales. T.F. Cotterell, J.S. Mason and A.C. Dean.

An unusual manganese-bearing assemblage from Restormel, Lostwithiel, Cornwall. T.F. Cotterel.

The first confirmed British occurrence of sieleckiite from spoil at Wheal Gorland, St. Day, Cornwall. M.S. Rumsey and G.M. Cressey.

The mineralogy of a small flat deposit at Killhope, Weardale, with the first record of dundasite from the Northern Pennine Orefield. T.F. Bridges.

A report on Westernhope Old Mine, Weardale, Co. Durham. T.F. Bridges.

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Volume 14, 2011

jnv14A review of the mineralisation of the Roughton Gill mines, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria: Part 3 Roughton Gill Mine. Trevor F. Bridges, David Green, Michael S Rumsey and C Michael Leppington.

Alluvial occurrences of fergusonite and gadolinite in the Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland Norman R. Moles and Andrew G. Tindle.

Danburite from Meldon Quarry, Okehampton and other UK localities. Michael S. Rumsey, George Ryback and Richard Tayler.

A review of the mineralogy of the area around Markfield, Leicestershire. Francis Ince.

A review of the mineralogy of the area around Groby, Leicestershire. Francis Ince.

A report on Hay Gill Mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. Trevor F. Bridges, Michael S Rumsey and C Michael Leppington.

Goethite pseudomorphs after marcasite from the Northern Pennine Orefield. Brian Young and Trevor F. Bridges.

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Volume 15, 2012

jnv15Geology and mineralisation at Florence Mine, Egremont, Cumbria. B. Young.

A geochemical study of the lead oxychloride mineral assemblage of the Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK using a stability field model. T.F. Bridges, R. Turner and M.S. Rumsey.

The rediscovery of type mineral species at the Benallt Manganese Mine, Rhiw, Pen Llŷn, Gwynedd, Wales. T.F. Cotterell.

Tungsten and bismuth minerals, including russellite, within greisen veins in the western Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland. N.R. Moles and A.G. Tindle.

Copper mineralisation at Rassal, Kishorn, Highland Region. J. Faithfull, B. Young and R. Starkey.

Hydrozincite from Swaledale, Northern Pennines. B. Young and T.F. Bridges.

Copper and barium mineralisation at Forcett Quarry, East Layton, North Yorkshire. B. Young, T.F. Bridges and P. Tandy.

Chalcoalumite from southwest England. R.S.W. Braithwaite and M.G.H. Merry.

Native mercury from Derbyshire. T.B. Greenland and R.S.W. Braithwaite.

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Volume 16, 2013

jnv16Phosgenite and matlockite in Derbyshire (Part 2). T.F. Bridges.

Unusual fluorite from Old Towns Quarry, Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham. T.F. Bridges and T.H. Pettigrew.

Coronadite and romanchèite from the Northern Pennine Orefield S. Moreton and R. Lawson.

Hemimorphite replacements of rugose corals from Swaledale, North Yorkshire B. Young.

‘Cellular’ quartz from Teesdale, Northern Pennines B. Young and R.E. Starkey.

A review of the occurrences of hydrocarbon-containing materials in Leicestershire.

A new assemblage of manganese silicates in the Lower Cambrian manganese ore bed, Harlech,.Merionethshire, Wales. T.F. Cotterell.

Franklinphilite in veinlets in the Lower Cambrian manganese ore bed, Harlech, Merionethshire,.Wales. T.F. Cotterell and N. Hubbard.

Chernovite-(Y) in reduction spots in Welsh slate. H.C. Kerbey.

Zircon pyroxenite from Upper Badcall, Sutherland, North-west Scotland. A. Moffat and R.E. Starkey.

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Volume 17, 2014


Matthew Forster Heddle (1828–1897), Scottish mineralogist: His life story. H.H. Johnston.

Gonnardite from an alkaline syenite pegmatite at Allt a’ Mhullin Quarry, Assynt, Sutherland, Scotland. S. Moreton.

Supergene manganese mineralisation at Gyrn Ddu and Bwlch Mawr, Clynnog-Fawr, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales. T.F. Cotterell and M.S. Rumsey.

Ganophyllite-group minerals from the manganese mines at Rhiw, Pen Llŷn, Gwynedd, Wales, including the first British occurrences of eggletonite and tamaite, and evidence for a barium analogue. T.F. Cotterell, A.G. Tindle and R. Tayler.

Kinoshitalite from Bennalt Manganese Mine, Rhiw, Pen Llŷn, Gwynedd, Wales: a first British occurrence. A. Dyer, D.I. Green and C.D. Williams.

Elyite from a Roman lead smelter near Llancynfelyn, Central Wales. J.S. Mason. (2014), 17, 32–35.

The mineralogy of Pim Hill Mine, Shropshire, with a study of mottramites. R.S.W. Braithwaite, D.I. Green and J.I. Wilson.

The mineralogy of the Admiralty Consession Flat, Nentsberry Haggs Mine, Nenthead, Cumbria. T.F. Bridges, F. Bouweraerts and H. Wilkinson.

Ankerite: its composition and formulae, and its status in the Northern Pennine Orefield. T.F. Bridges, D.I. Green and F. Ince.

Stibioclaudetite, a first British occurrence from Wet Swine Gill, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. D.I. Green, A.G. Tindle, T. Neall and C.M. Leppington.

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Volume 18, 2015

JRS18-Covers-final.inddAn introduction to supergene mineral formation in an oxidising lead-, copper- and zinc-bearing ore deposit. T.F. Bridges.

Mineral deposition in a cavity in Smallcleugh Mine, Nenthead, Cumbria. T.F. Bridges and R. Starkey.

The history and occurrence of ‘Buxton Diamonds’ R. Starkey and J. Faithfull.

Amethyst from Screel Hill, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. S. Moreton, J. Lawson and R. Lawson.

Crookesite, Cu7TlSe4, from Littleham Cove, Devon: the first mineral containing essential thallium from the British Isles. M.S. Rumsey, I. Dossett, D.I. Green, J. Najorka and J. Spratt.

Volume 19, 2016

JRS-19 FrontCoverObituary, Robert Fredrick Symes, R. Starkey

The Gordon Collection – the Vicar, the Brewer and the Mineral Dealer. Roy Starkey.

Herderite-hydroxylherderite series minerals from Chywoon Quarry, Cornwall. Tom F. Cotterell, Neil Hubbard and David Moulding.

A review of United Kingdom herderite localities attributed to Arthur Kingsbury. Mike S. Rumsey.

An occurrence of euhedral schulenbergite at the Penberthy Croft Mine, Cornwall. John Betterton and Ian E. Grey.

The first occurrence of mandarinoite, Fe2(SeO3)3·6H2O, in the British Isles, from cliffs near Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Mike S. Rumsey.

Segnitite from Weardale, County Durham. Brian Young and Adam Pacey.

Exhalative banded iron oxide mineralisation associated with Middle Ordovician pillow basalts from Cadair Idris, North Wales. John S. Mason.

Volume 20, 2017

JRS-20 FrontCoverA review of the minerals associated with the igneous rocks of southwest Leicestershire. Francis Ince.

Spodumene from the Peatfold Pegmatite, Glen Buchat, Aberdeenshire – the first Scottish occurrence. Roy E. Starkey and Michael McMullen.

Jim Knight and his Mineral Collection. Alan Barnes, Peter J. Briscoe, John Chapman and David I. Green.

Magnetite mineralisation associated with The Great Whin Sill of Upper Teesdale, Northern Pennines. Brian Young.